Falkland Felts

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Hello my name is Kirsty Tudor , I live in Falkland with my daughter, my son has left home, and my menagerie of animals including 10 sheep, 22 guinea pigs, 4 rabbits, 9 ponies, 4 dogs, our cat Aris who may appear and peek in the workshop window, 1 tortoise and my honey bees. When I am not looking after them I love exploring nature and seek inspiration at the beach or in the woods beside my house. I have a beautiful purpose built workshop in my garden, over a bridge with a wee stream and I LOVE making felt and sharing my love of felt even more. I learned to make felt 25 years ago and have been running workshops in Falkland for about 11 years in borrowed space. I am delighted to have my workshop finished and a permanent home for Falkland Felts. I will be running a wide variety of workshops for all ages, producing a line of kits and have a little shop where students can buy materials and equipment or it can be viewed by appointment. My workshops are small and friendly, I am always sad to see everyone leave at the end of the day ! Good fun, fantastic results and sheep baaing for a biscuit are guaranteed!



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